Anti-Social Behaviour in the County is a serious problem and way above the national average, particularly in Gloucester.


Chris Nelson in Grange

House burglaries,  car crime and speeding are all real problems.  So are anti-social riders driving motorbikes where they are not allowed, often stolen or without insurance or tax.  Chris Nelson, our candidate to be the next Police and Crime Commissioner, is working with local politicians in Gloucester to help combat Anti-Social Behaviour. 
Chris says: "If elected next May, I promise to put a new emphasis on Neighbourhood Policing and cut Anti-Social Behaviour by 50%.  We have over 30,000 incidents a year in the County, many of which take place in Gloucester, which suffers too much crime as it is.  I was very pleased to inspect some recently installed K gates in a Gloucester park, which are proving to be very effective at preventing motor bikes and scooters from entering the park and doing 'wheelies' on the grass.  We also need more police action, like in Cheltenham, where seized bikes have been crushed."
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