Yet again, Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl has delivered a plan to reduce crime that is long on words but short on action, says contender for the post Chris Nelson.

Mr Surl has produced five of these boring and ineffectual plans, with his latest version published this month. The reader will struggle to find a single objective for which he can be held accountable.

“He often says he wants ‘less crime’ but the facts show otherwise. During his eight years in office, crime has gone up 35 per cent, much more than the 23 per cent national increase.

Last year’s crime figures for the county show that crime has risen 16 per cent, even though crime nationally has fallen nine per cent.  Anti-Social Behaviour in Gloucestershire has for years been more than 30% above the national average and currently has the highest rate in the South West. The rate of Residential Burglary is also the highest in the South West.

“The vast majority of these crimes are unresolved, with no suspect found. Over the last eight years, our county has consistently suffered from one of the worst rates of rural crime in the whole country. The cost of Rural Crime in Gloucestershire is now increasing at a rate more than four times the national average.”

Martin Surl is quick to point out that we live in a relatively safe county, which explains why he is so complacent about tackling crime, suggests Mr Nelson. His unprofessional approach to fighting crime meant he failed to even bid for Government money to prevent local house burglaries.

Chris Nelson, candidate to be the next Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire at the local authority elections next May, insists: “Martin Surl is one of the most ineffectual, unprofessional and complacent police commissioners in the country. His plans are not worth the paper they are written on and do not protect us from crime. I would set clear targets to reduce crime, so that the public could hold me to account. The sad truth is that there are now more victims of crime in the county because of his poor leadership.”

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