About me

I am a retired Army officer with almost 40 years public service, including operational work with police, and years as a Borough Councillor and Parish Council Chairman. I am a committed community volunteer who plays a full part in local life, defending the public from Anti-Social Behaviour, speeding motorists, illegal parking, and unscrupulous developers.

I also have experience in business, providing world class training facilities for police forces around the world. In my last 10 years in the Army, I was a senior strategic planner and resource management expert controlling multi million pound budgets, providing leadership for large groups of uniformed and civilian staff. I love my community and hope to have the opportunity to make Gloucestershire safer.

If elected on 6 May 2021, I will put 300 more officers on the beat, cut Anti-Social Behaviour by 50%, fight rural crime, reduce internet/phone scams, make our police more accessible and end the culture of spin and waste in the Commissioner's Office and Budget.

More details about my career at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-nelson-9086a227/


Please watch the video below to learn a bit more about me and why I am standing to be your PCC.

Why do we need a Police and Crime Commissioner? Who you elect on 6 May will have a big impact on police priorities, which are set by the Commissioner:

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