300 New Police Officers for Gloucestershire

Our urban and rural communities in Gloucestershire are worried about crime.  In particular, things like household burglaries, car and farm vehicle crime, bike thefts and other Anti-Social Behaviour.  We urgently need to increase the size of our Police Force so that more emphasis can be placed on Crime Prevention and Neighbourhood Policing.  As the Conservative Candidate to be your next Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), I want to see 300 extra Bobbies on the Beat for Gloucestershire from the 20,000 promised for the whole country.  Our current PCC is predicting we might expect just 150 extra police – so public pressure and cooperation across sectors is needed if we are to increase this. This proves the value in having a Conservative PCC for Gloucestershire.

So if you want to reduce crime in our rural and urban communities, please add your name below and help make sure Gloucestershire's voice is heard in the 'corridors of power'.

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